Appeal Allowed: Pool and Pool House
Shackleford, Surrey

Following the submission of an application to Guildford Borough Council for a swimming pool and pool house, the Council determined to refuse the application. Unfortunately within the planning system, despite our best evidence to maximise the chances of success, the Council take a different view. In this instance it was whether or not the construction of the pool and pool house was appropriate development within the Green Belt. Following the refusal D&M Planning was instructed to submit an appeal against the decision to the Secretary of State. D&M Planning further advanced the initial arguments put forward in the application whilst making reference to the Council’s position as set out within the Officer’s Report. In determining the appeal the Inspector wholly agreed with the arguments of D&M Planning and granted planning permission for the pool and pool house.

Whilst D&M Planning seek to minimise the use of appeals through sound submissions they unfortunately do happen. D&M Planning have an excellent track record of achieving successful outcomes following such and can often pick up projects at this stage even if not involved before. If you would like to explore the possibility of submitting an appeal then please do get in touch.