Two New Dwellings in Guildford
Guildford, Surrey

D&M Planning Ltd are delighted to announce that a recommendation for approval from the planning committee of Guildford Borough Council has been achieved for the erection of two new dwellings. Located within an area inset from the Green Belt, D&M Planning Ltd successfully navigated a previous reason for refusal and secured planning permission. Although refused applications can be a set back this shows a good example of where it is worthwhile taking stock of the reasons for refusal before jumping straight to an appeal. Although the team had confidence in the prospect of an appeal, a quicker, more straightforward route was a resubmission and this worked well for the client.

The decision was met with a large number of objections to which D&M Planning robustly responded. These comments were taken on during the decision making process and helped to steer councillors into supporting the scheme.

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Architectural Designer: Alchemy House of Design.