Eco friendly home in Surrey Hills AONB and Green Belt
Churt, Surrey

D&M Planning Ltd have been pleased to assist with a truly innovative and fantastic contemporary design dwelling located within the Metropolitan Green Belt and Surrey Hills AONB. The eco-friendly home incorporated earth wall designs to explore sustainable ways of buildings. The proposal includes the use of renewable energies and passive house principle to achieve a low energy consumption which created a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor space. The proposal features a natural swimming pool, Japanese gardens and green roof. The resulting design was commended by the Council and it is pleasing to see that officers agreed with every planning argument presented by D&M Planning Ltd. D&M successfully demonstrated that the proposal was appropriate Green Belt development which redeveloped previously developed land and that it was a suitable design for the character of the AONB.

If you would like to speak about an innovative design, the team at D&M would be more than happy to chat this through with you.